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(1929 - 2015)

Sister Magdelaine Hill, baptized Joan Marie and known to family and friends as Mag, was born on July 20, 1929, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her parents, William and Magdalene (Hunter) Hill, were married in 1913 and were already the proud parents of Magdalene, William, Veronica, and James when Mag was born. In her autobiography, Sister Mag gave us this description of her family.

My maternal grandmother [Nana] lived with my parents from the earliest days of their marriage. Nana had lost three children in infancy and her husband died at the age of 40. As you see, I was raised in a household of adults: Nana, Mom, Dad, Maggie, 15, Bill, 13, and Ronnie [Veronica] 11. My brother Jimmy had died in 1928. 

The year I was born, 1929, marked the great depression, but Mom and Dad worked hard to care for their children. Mom [had] a part-time job at the neighborhood Catholic hospital. Nana [was] the built-in baby-sitter.

When I was three years old, the biggest event of my young life occurred on November 27, when my baby sister, Pat was born.


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