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Sister Elizabeth (Liz) Kreiner, known also as Sister Catherine William, was born in Burnside, Michigan, on February 13, 1921. She was the ninth of fifteen children born to William and Cecelia (Nellenbach) Kreiner. The two youngest children died in infancy. Burnside, Michigan, in the early 1920s was primarily a rural agriculture and lumber area. 

In her autobiography, Sister Liz shared the following stories about her school days.

[Our] rural grade school was a mile and a half away. If it had snowed, I might catch a ride on my uncle’s horse drawn sleigh. That hope helped me get to the road as speedily as possible. In the warm weather I might catch a ride with my teacher who drove to school. 

I loved school and when I was a junior at the Brown City High School, my fascination with boys surfaced. However, something else happened besides my father’s death [in 1937]. Mary, my elder sister, who was a postulant, came home for my father’s funeral. Earlier Mother Gerald had said to the novices and postulants [in Adrian], “Where are the other young women who should be here?” Mary apparently chirped up, “My sis, Elizabeth, said she always wanted to be a sister.” Mother Gerald said, “Tell her to come.” It didn’t matter that I was only 15 at the time whereas Mary was 22. Mary’s telling me what Mother Gerald said was, sadly, God’s call to me.

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