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Sister Mary Jean (Jane Dominic) Birney, OP(1921 – 2015)
Sister Mary Jean Birney, known as Sister Jane Dominic and born August 4, 1921, in Jackson, Michigan, was the older of two children born to Charles and Jean (Crawford) Birney. When she was three years old, her mother died of an infection contracted during the birth of her younger sister, Elizabeth Ann, now known as Sister Jean Charles. Both girls were cared for by two aunts until their father remarried three years later.
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(1923 – 2015)
Sister Lucian Marie (Alvira Marie) Dusseau, OPBaptized Alvira Marie, Sister Lucian Marie Dusseau was born August 21, 1922, in her Uncle Charlie’s home at Lenawee Junction, a rural area located three miles southeast of Adrian, Michigan. She was the youngest of three children. Her parents, Henry and Josephine (Yenour) Dusseau, were farm children who came from Petersburg and Erie.
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Sister Nancy (James Claret) Fischer, OP(1932 – 2015)
Sister Nancy Fischer, born on April 26, 1932, in Chicago, was the youngest of the three children born to Jacob and Emma (Danforth) Fischer. The family did not have a lot of money to buy “things” but they knew how to enjoy the gifts and talents each possessed.
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Sister Madeline (Agnes Martin) Dervin, OPHer vision reaches out to the heartland for all people (Proverbs 31:31)

(1931 – 2015)
Sister Madeline Mary Dervin, born on October 13, 1931, in Brooklyn, New York, was the first and only girl of the three children born to Walter and Charlotte (Sadler) Dervin. Her Irish father was a New York policeman stationed in Manhattan and her mother’s family that had lived in Florida for generations were of German, French and Cherokee extraction.
More about Sister Madeline Dervin (pdf)

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Cemetery of the Adrian Dominican Sisters

Our Adrian Dominican cemetery with its circular headstones is a beautiful place of rest for women who gave their lives in service to God—and a peaceful place for contemplation and remembrance. 

We will post memorial reflections on our faithfully departed Sisters and Associates. If you would like to reflect on a Sister or Associate who has gone before us, please send your reflections – no more than 500 to 600 words – to .

We invite you to meet some of the wonderful women who have recently crossed into eternity.


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