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Sisters to Return Home to Adrian to Celebrate Jubilees

June 4, Adrian, Michigan – The week of June 15-19 will be a time of joy and gratitude as many of the Congregation’s 81 Jubilarians gather at the motherhouse campus to celebrate their anniversaries. In all, 43 sisters will mark their Diamond (60) year jubilee while 36 will celebrate their Golden (50-year) Jubilees. Two sisters will celebrate their 25 years (Silver) as Adrian Dominican Sisters. In all, the Jubilarians represent 4,370 years of ministry and service to the people of God.

The festive week will include prayer; a session with the General Council; formal and informal times to gather and reminisce; and a Mass in memory of the 15 deceased Jubilarians. Family members and friends will join the Jubilarians on June 19 to celebrate the Jubilee Liturgy and to enjoy the festive dinner.

Names highlighted in blue link to reflections on this key year in the Jubilarians lives.



Sister Virginia
Beattie, OP

 Sister Maria
Goretti Browne, OP
Sister Noreen
Burke, OP
 Sister Rina
Cappellazzo, OP
Sister Rita
Crotty, OP
Sister Diane
Erbacher, OP
Sister Jean Rosaria
Fisch, OP
Sister Joseph Eugene
Fogarty, OP
Sister Mary Louise
Gass, OP
Sister Loretta Jean
Hanson, OP
Sister Barbara
Hubbard, OP
Sister Janet Michael
Hudspeth, OP
Sister Joseph Eilese
Hukle, OP

Sister Genevieve
Jeziolkowski, OP

Sister Carol
Johannes, OP
Sister Ellen
Kennedy, OP
Sister Carol Denise
Koenig, OP
Sister Marlene
Kuhnlein, OP
Sister Mary
Mackert, OP
Sister Geraldine
Maloney, OP
Sister Joan
Marconi, OP
Sister Mary Anthony
Marelli, OP
Sister Barbara Ann
Mason, OP
Sister Loretta
May, OP

Sister Jeannine Therese
McGorray, OP
Sister Theodora
McKennan, OP
Sister Anne Elizabeth
Monahan, OP
Sister Sean
Morley, OP
Sister Charlotte Francis
Moser, OP
Sister Miriam
Mullins, OP
Sister Lucy Ann
Quinn, OP
Sister Kieran Therese
Quirke, OP

Sister Mary Jo
Sieg, OP
Sister Shirley
Smith, OP
Sister Kathleen
Sutherland, OP
Sister Ann Rozalia
Szabo, OP
Sister Florence Marie
Viaches, OP
Sister Paul James
Villemure, OP
Sister Michael Thomas
Watson, OP
Sister Lila
Watt, OP
Sister Kay
Wejrowski, OP
Sister Mary
White, OP
Sister Michael Claire
Wilson, OP



Sister Maurine
Barzantni, OP
Sister Patricia Noreen
Benson, OP
Sister Mary
Carr, OP
Sister Anita
Chiappetta, OP
Sister Maryetta
Churches, OP
Sister June Mary
Deswysen, OP
Sister Mary Ann
Dixon, OP
Sister Mary Katherine
Drouin, OP
Sister Kathleen
Erard, OP
Sister Patricia
Erickson, OP
Sister Helen
Faiver, OP
Sister Patricia
Fischer, OP
Sister Juliann
Flynn, OP
Sister Janet Marie
Fulgenzi, OP
Sister Mary Elizabeth
Gaiss, OP
Sister Grace
Gianella, OP
Sister Molly
Giller, OP
Sister Mary Katherine
Homan, OP
Sister Helene
Kloss, OP
Sister Jean Marie
Lehtinen, OP
Sister Marie Carlene
Maly, OP
Sister Annice
Mordenski, OP
Sister Catherine Ormond
Olds, OP
Sister Susan Marie
Ouwerkerk, OP
Sister Joanne
Peters, OP
Sister Jamie
Phelps, OP
Sister Diane
Pitera, OP
Sister Joann
Plumpe, OP
Sister Barbara Jean
Quincey, OP
Sister Ann Rena
Shinkey, OP
Sister Mary Helen
Smolbrook, OP
Sister Monica Charles
Stankus, OP
Sister Joan Loawrence
Sustersic, OP
Sister Kathleen
Voss, OP
Sister Kathleen
Walli, OP
Sister Joanne
Wimmer, OP



  Sister Carolyn
Roeber, OP
Sister Ann Marie
Wood, OP


Jubilarian Quotes


An ‘All Right’ Life!

On August 6, 1961, I made first profession and received my appointment to Sisters' Hospital in Santa Cruz, California. I was to meet my traveling companions, Mother Jean Marie and Sister John Anthony (Jean O'Laughlin) the next day in Detroit. At supper, I was asked if I had my train ticket and I said "no." There was brief discussion at the head table, but the next day we were on the Silver Zephyr headed for California. On board we had a short meeting to explain that the food allowance was used for my ticket. We decided to have a full meal that night and see what happens. An elderly gentleman, a personal friend of a Dominican bishop in Nebraska, recognized our habit and not only treated us to dinner that night, but to anything we ate in the dining car. We were so excited and grateful. I can remember thinking, "This life is going to be all right."

-       Sister Monica Stankus, OP    

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Sixty Years of God’s Fidelity

Picture this:Scene I – June 25, 1950
18-year-old Noreen is being driven to Adrian to join God on the journey of a lifetime. Suddenly, panic sets in. "Please, turn around, Dad. I have changed my mind!"  Reluctantly, her teary-eyed father continues on to the Motherhouse, for God has plans for Noreen, and has prepared a wondrous life for her and 65 other young women that day.

Fast-forward to:  Scene II – June 25, 2010
78-year-old Noreen is thanking God for 60 years of an unbelievable journey! Who would have thought what blessings would come from so loving a God?  As Max Lucado has written, "A Savior near enough to touch, and strong enough to trust" has been given as Noreen's companion during laughter and tears; successes and disappointments; joys and sorrows; ministry and mission as an Adrian Dominican. What a life it has been, and the best is yet to be!

 -   A grateful Sister Noreen Burke, OP

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In Gratitude

I’m grateful for my family and my friends and my vocation, but specifically, I’m grateful that I’m in this Congregation to be renewed with our Church since Vatican II.

-       Sister Mary Louise Gass, OP

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Fifty Years of Grace

Fifty years as a Dominican of Adrian have flown by. My ministry has ranged from grade and high school teacher to school administrator to fund-raiser and now as a member of the General Council. Being in leadership has given me a “bird’s eye” view of the Congregation and allowed me to learn more about the prayerful and holy lives and admirable works of our sisters – even into their retirement years.

-       Sister Mary Kay Homan, OP

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Forever Grateful

I am forever grateful to God and my Congregation for giving me the opportunity to celebrate this Jubilee. The years have provided me the opportunity, challenges and blessings of ministering to an array of individuals ranging from the smile and beauty of curious four-year-olds; the outwardly secure attitude of the high-school student; the line-engraved radiances of the elderly; the hope-deprived stare of the mentally ill; and the grief-stricken bereaved to the illiterate seeking to find voice with a new language. 

One of my fondest joys is living in community with my Dominican sisters who have shared their knowledge, experience and faith with me. Forever is my amazement of the workings of the Holy Spirit continuously guiding, uplifting and enticing me with joy and companionship on the journey. My one sadness in celebrating not only my 25th and now 50th Jubilee is the physical absence of my parents, who gave me life and faith. 

-       Sister Kathleen Voss, OP

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So Many Blessings

God gives us so many blessings along life’s journey. I am indeed grateful for all of these, and in particular for the gift of family. My family of origin and my Adrian Dominican family have loved, nurtured, and educated me for so many years. I have experienced their love, support, and much personal growth. As I reflect on my life during this Jubilee year, I look back with gratitude and look ahead to what the Lord has in mind for my future. My continued prayer is simply to do what the Lord asks:

            “. . .to act justly,

                   . . .to love tenderly,

                        . . .and to walk humbly with my God.”

                                                                         - (Micah 6:8)

-       Sister Annice Mordenski, OP

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Jubilee Year

June 14 marks several milestones in my life as a religious. On that day in 1960, I received the habit; in 1962, I made first Profession; and, in 1968, final vows with the Dominican Sisters of Edmonds. On June 14, 2003, we merged with the Adrian Dominican Sisters. My enthusiasm for the merger grew out of my desire to be part of a larger group with a diversity of opportunities. Who would have believed that in 2005, I would pack up and move to Prince George, British Columbia, Canada? What an adventure my life has been, and it only continues to unfold in wonderful ways as I mark my Golden Jubilee.

-       Sister Jean Marie Lehtinen, OP

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Immense Gratitude

At this time of jubilee, I feel immense gratitude to the congregation for affirming my gifts and to the people of God who have taught me so much about fidelity to the Church. It has been a privilege to share their lives.

-       Sister Mary Ann Dixon, OP

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What a Life!

What a life I've lived! I often have said that it is only because I'm an Adrian Dominican that I've had such remarkable experiences, especially in the ministries to which I've been called.

Sister M. Hubert McIssac told me the day I went out on mission, "Remember, Sister, life is what you make it."  Her words got me through the tragedies, enhanced the joys, and brought me closer to my God, who loves me and has walked with me these 60 years.

Thank you, Sister Hubert, and all the Sisters who have touched my life!

-        Sister Janet Michael Hudspeth, OP

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Jubilee Thoughts

My main thoughts as I celebrate this Year of Jubilee center on the joy and blessings of my 50 years as a Dominican Sister of Adrian. First I am most grateful for the holy and wise women who have journeyed with me and who have inspired and mentored me all these years. And I rejoice for the varied opportunities and experiences of ministry and service to God’s people in many different places and situations.

-       Sister Joanne Peters, OP

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Grace-filled 60 Years

These 60 years have been filled with many amazing experiences and opportunities that I never could have anticipated in 1950! The grace of God, the support of family, my Adrian Dominican Sisters, friends and colleagues have helped to make this possible. For all of this I am most grateful.

-        Sister Loretta May, OP

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Deep Gratitude

My overall feeling is one of deep gratitude - for God's sustaining grace, the support of my parents and family in my vocation choice, and the countless opportunities our Congregation has afforded me to serve God's people. I pray daily that the many wonderful young women who are discerning religious life will be blessed with the grace to follow God's call.

-       Sister Carleen Maly, OP

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Made it to 60…

It's great to be celebrating 60 years as Adrian Dominicans. At first profession time, I was convinced we wouldn't survive long enough to make our final vows. I felt certain that the Soviets would drop an atom bomb on the U.S. before those five or six years had passed. It didn't happen. But not long after that the earth did seem to shake with the New Pentecost of the Vatican Council and the renewal of religious life.  How blessed we've been!

-       Sister Theodora “Teddy” McKennan, OP

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A Time to Celebrate

God wants to see

More love and playfulness in your eyes

For this is your greatest witness…   Hafiz

Golden Jubilee … always a time to celebrate with others who were older and wiser… and alas … I find myself a Golden Jubilarian! It is and continues to be a year of “thanksgiving and remembering” all the relationships, ministries, communities, events, and Sabbath times of my journey as a Dominican of Adrian. My Jubilee mantra is above for I desire to live the next 50 years out of the wisdom gleaned from all in my life with a loving and playful heart!

-       Sister Cathy Olds, OP

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‘A Great Ride!’

Sixty years with the Adrian Dominicans! And it's been a great ride! So many new friends and companions have graced my life, and so many fun places to live and work (Michigan, Puerto Rico, Florida) have brought unique blessings. My most rewarding and affirming ministry was pastoring St. Joseph Parish, Gaines, Michigan. Those seven years with faith-filled parishioners challenged me to use my talents and to grow along with them. I have truly been blessed.

-       Sister Geraldine Maloney, O.P

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Memories of the PAB

One of my favorite memories is the time I spent with our sisters on the Portfolio Advisory Board. Working with such gifted and generous Adrians was both a challenge and a delight. I was so proud of the actions we took on behalf of justice and the decisions we made that enabled dreams to come true for those with very limited resources. Our days were non-stop working, but in the evenings we gathered for dinner, laughter and friendship.

-       Sister Juliann Flynn, OP

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Treasured Years

As I celebrate Jubilee, I continue to be grateful – grateful to our sisters for their expression of joy and commitment to education which prompted me to pursue religious life. I treasure my 47  years of teaching and the memories of students and parents whose lives I touched. I have been blessed with many opportunities to grow spiritually over these past years.

I am now energized and active in my ministry in lay formation in northern Manitoba. It is a life-giving experience to live with and minister to the First Nation Cree people. I have become very aware of the “gift of presence” which I can offer to them. I am very grateful to be a member of our wonderful Dominican community and celebrate these years with much joy.

-       Sister Ellen Kennedy, OP

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Many Blessings from God

This 60th year of my religious life has meant a lot to me in that I am in good health so that I can minister to the sisters I live with and also to my family members who have been ill. I thank God each day for all the blessings He has bestowed on me.

My life as an Adrian Dominican Sister has been one of service to others, the sisters I have lived with, and the children I have taught. A favorite memory of mine was that, when I was a young teacher, children would sometimes call me “Mom,” and as I got older, it was “Grandma.” Then I knew that it was time to retire.

-       Sister Rita Crotty, OP

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60 Years of Blessings

Sixty years! It seems almost impossible. As I look back over all these years, I realize how blest I have been. Community, family, and friends have always been supportive through my many years of teaching, my years of being a member of a parish team. My team years were special because I could use my creativity in working with teens and elderly, in government work with African Americans, and as Beyer Hospital chaplain.

One-third of my years have been spent on our campus, doing community work at St. Joseph Academy and the Motherhouse until retirement. My calendar’s still quite full.

I have 60 years of gratitude in my heart for our Adrian Dominican community and for my vocation, and I thank God for all of you, my sisters.

-       Sister Carol Denise Koenig, OP

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60 Years of Continual Blessing

As an Adrian Dominican Sister, these 60 years have been a continual blessing for me: participation in our wonderful Dominican Family; connecting and living with our dedicated and inspirational Sisters; and having the privilege of ministry among beautiful cultures — Puerto Ricans, Slovaks, African Americans, Italians, Filipinos, Hispanics, Asians, mixed cultures and Native Americans.

God has given me wonderful people to love and care for as a teacher, liturgist, artist, parish coordinator and missionary. I thank God for these years and pray that I can be a Christ-bearer to all who have or will connect with my life. May we continue to be a blessing to one another! 

-       Sister Ann Rozalia Szabo, OP

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