Wish List

Our donors have always been incredibly generous in their gifts to the Sisters. Please consider helping us with some very practical needs that are on our wish list.


2 needed | cost: $1,200 each  Provided! Thank you!

Benches add beauty to our campus and provide places for rest, prayer, reflection, and socialization.

Garden Stones

50 needed | cost: $500 medium size; $1,000 large size

Honor or remember a loved one with a beautiful garden stone while supporting our permaculture site and our sustainability efforts. Stones can be engraved with your short message.

Examples: medium garden stone on left, large garden stone on right.


Aerator & Windmill for Pond

1 needed | cost: $1,800  Provided! Thank you!

The Nature Area on campus, which includes a pond, is a wonderful place for Sisters and guests to visit to reflect, pray, view wildlife, and to simply enjoy the outdoors. The retention pond needs an aerator to oxygenate the water and promote healthy aquatic life. The windmill would provide a sustainable method of powering the aerator.

Mobility Scooters

 4  needed | cost: $1,500 each  Provided! Thank you very much!

Four scooters (two of each kind shown below) are needed for our elderly Sisters living in the Dominican Life Center. The new scooters will allow our Sisters to easily access different areas of our campus as needed. They will be shared among Sisters living in the DLC.

DLC Beauty Salon Renovations

Help us to refurbish our dated campus beauty salon, where 250-plus Sisters living on campus receive care.

Item   Quantity Needed   Cost 
Shampoo Sinks  3 2    each $4,750 
Roll Away Stand Dryer   1 0  $393 
Stationary Dryer  1 0  $592 
Access Styling Chair 
 2 1    each $699 
Salon Station with Mirror     3 1    each $2,058 

Table and Chairs for Craft Room

1 set needed | cost: $2,250  Provided! Thank you so much!

An arts and crafts room is being created for the Sisters residing in the Dominican Life Center. This new space will allow for our Sisters to be creative, have use of all sorts of art mediums, and continue to use art as a way to connect with God. A table and chairs set, specifically selected to meet the needs of our Sisters, will complete this new space!