Wish List

Our donors have always been incredibly generous in their gifts to the Sisters. Please consider helping us with some very practical needs that are on our wish list.

DLC Beauty Salon Renovations

On September 6, 2018, retired Adrian Dominican Sisters residing at the Dominican Life Center (DLC), along with DLC Administrators, Chaplains, and Co-workers, blessed a place of beauty, friendship and restoration: the newly renovated DLC Beauty Salon.

"This is a sacred place," said Sister Mary Rae Waller, OP, Chaplain and Pastoral Minister. "We have claimed it as our sacred space, so all the love and light, the renewal, the courage, the encouragement, the tears that flow – all of that is for the health of our whole community."

Many of you, our generous donors, helped bring this sacred place into reality – and for your generosity, we are so very grateful! While the renovation is complete, additional gifts would be most appreciated. If you would like to support this project, please click here.

Item   Quantity Needed   Cost 
Shampoo Sinks 1    each $4,750 
Salon Station with Mirror    1    each $2,058 

Garden Stones

50 needed | cost: $500 medium size; $1,000 large size

Honor or remember a loved one with a beautiful garden stone while supporting our permaculture site and our sustainability efforts. Stones can be engraved with your short message.

Examples: medium garden stone (left/top), large garden stone (right/bottom).

Adjustable Wire Shelving for Arts & Crafts Room

2 units needed | cost: $425 each - Donated! Thank you so much!

The new arts & crafts room in the DLC is being used by Sisters to express their creativity through art. Wire shelving is a durable and flexible way to store art supplies and allow art pieces to dry properly.

Dressers and Nightstands for the Sisters in DLC

85 Nightstands needed | cost: $575 each
85 Dressers needed | cost: $665 each

For Sisters living at the Dominican Life Center, their bedroom is a place for retreat and prayer. It is their only personal space. Keeping the bedrooms beautiful and safe adds to the Sister’s well-being and deepens her ability to rest, pray, and reflect.

Many of the dressers and nightstands that the Sisters use in the Dominican Life Center have been in the building either since 1965 or the early 1980s. The new nightstands feature a locking caster system so they are sturdy but easily movable, allowing for easier re-location if the Sister needs to move to a different room. The new dressers and nightstands will add safety and beauty to the rooms at the DLC.

New Mattresses for Weber Center

70 needed | cost: $510 each (includes mattress cover) - Donated! Thank you so much!

The Weber Retreat and Conference Center is in need of new mattresses. The cost listed includes a mattress cover with each mattress.


AccuVein Machine

1 unit needed | cost: $5,000 - Donated! Thank you for your generosity!

As we age, our veins become smaller and our skin becomes thinner. When an IV is needed, it can be extremely challenging for medical professionals and painful for the patient. When a Sister at the Dominican Life Center needs an IV, a call must be made to Emergency Medical Service (EMS) to start the IV at the cost of approximately $150. A small machine, called an AccuVein, would help to alleviate the challenges of starting an IV and save the EMS cost. Having a Sister’s nurse able to start the IV would also ease stress on the Sister. Your donation will purchase an AccuVein machine and would provide welcome relief and comfort to both our nurses and Sisters.