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Adrian Dominican Sisters Justice and Peace Action Page

Dear Adrian Dominican Sisters, Associates, and Friends,

Sister Mary Pat Dewey, OP

The Adrian Dominican Justice Promoters invite you join us in reflection and action with this edition of the ADS Action Page. As always, this digest of online advocacy is rooted in the Mission and Vision of the Adrian Dominican Sisters.

 In June, we said goodbye to Sister Mary Pat Dewey, OP. She was tirelessly dedicated to peace and justice. Always more inclined to "work behind the scenes" her wisdom, compassion, patience, and humor will continue to be deeply missed. This edition of the Justice and Peace Action Page is dedicated to honoring her.

In pursuit of peace,

The ADS Justice and Peace Promoters







Iraq and Syria




A letter from one of our Iraqi Dominican Sisters:

Dear brothers, sisters, and friends, 

Hope you all are well. I would like to share with you the suffering of your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Unfortunately, the days of our displacement are becoming longer than we expected. I have been working with our displaced people since day one. Today, is the 43rd day. People's pain has been overwhelming. As the fall is approaching us and the weather is getting cool. People's needs are increasing, especially for those whom are living in the tents, unfinished building, and parks. Lots of children are in need of milk and other things. Please, if you can help them in anyway, it would be greatly appreciated. Please share this with your friends if they are able to help too. Your prayers will help us to maintain our faith during this time of tribulation.


Sr. Diana, OP

The Adrian Dominican have generously supported our Sisters in Iraq. If there are people in your life that wish they could do more, invite them to join us by donating either through our website or through Catholic Relief Services.

  • Adrian Dominican Sisters: Click Here ( In the section titled 'Please designate the gift to be used for' be sure select  'other' and then indicate 'Iraq')
  • Catholic Relief Services: Click Here



There is a humanitarian crisis on the southern border of the United States. Children are making the dangerous journey alone. In his speech on June 30th, President Obama discribed the crisis as well as the need for action. 

The Leadership Council of Women Religious (LCWR) has issued a statement to Congress urging them to address the humanitarian crisis and to reform the immigration system which has contibured to it.

To read the LCWR Statement on Children Crossing Borders Alone: Click Here 




Climate Change-Ecology


On September 21st, the largest Environmental March in history took place in New York City, with thousands of events taking place in solidarity around the world. Let's sustain the momentum by maintaining pressure on our elected leaders, and by demonstrating our committment as the faith community.

Take Action: Click Here 

You can also help shape the environmental movement by sharing your throughts with 350.org. The community of women religious are wisdom figures, and the movement values what we have to say.

Share your insights: Click Here



The National Park Service has temporarily banned dangerous and obnoxious drones in our national parks -- but it's now writing regulations that may lift the ban.

Drones are sophisticated unmanned aircraft. They can be purchased for just a few hundred dollars and most are equipped with powerful video cameras. Drones are more than noisy eyesores -- they have been used to harass wildlife in national parks, can be used to surreptitiously film park-goers without their consent, and pose a serious safety risk.

We need to speak out now and make it clear to the National Park Service that we want America's national parks, monuments, battlefields, historic sites, seashores, rivers and trails protected from drones.


Drones are a relatively new technology, and federal agencies like the National Park Service are only beginning to decide how to regulate them. Rules like the National Park Service's will not only determine whether our national parks are protected from drones, but will also set an important precedent for how drones are regulated elsewhere.

To learn more, and take action: Click Here


Gun Violence


Tell Congress to protect women from violent partners and stalkers

Ask your Senator to plug the legislative loopholes and protect all victims of domestic violence NOW by co-sponsoring Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s bill (S. 1290) to prevent stalkers and abusers from buying and possessing guns.

Take Action: Click Here