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DePorres Place Enters Partnership with Center for Creative Education

West Palm Beach, Florida – DePorres Place Adult Literacy Center has embarked on a partnership with the Center for Creative Education (CCE) in West Palm to offer English instruction to parents whose children are attending CCE’s arts program. Parents transport their children to the Center, and most wait for the hour and a half, to take their children home. Most of the parents are Spanish speakers, so this is a wonderful opportunity to offer them language instruction while they wait. 

Ten instructional modules are being developed around topics such as grocery shopping, health care, geography, occupations, and so on. One module will feature language and concepts from the arts program so that parents can understand what their children are learning, and use the same vocabulary when talking with their children. The independent modules will allow full participation by parents, even if they haven’t attended a previous session. Parents will also be offered the opportunity to register for ongoing tutoring at DePorres Place.   

This pilot program is an attempt to go beyond our four walls and engage our volunteer tutors at other community sites. Once we help adults become comfortable with the idea of language instruction, we can then offer them help at DePorres Place in achieving their long-term literacy goals.

Feature photo: Mindy, left, a tutor at DePorress, has been involved in the upcoming work with the Center for Creative Education.


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