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Rosarian Academy Celebrates Christmas by Reaching Out

West Palm Beach, Florida – While many children might see Christmas as a time to focus on the gifts they will be receiving, the students at Rosarian Academy focused instead on giving gifts to the greater community. Along with faculty, staff, and parents, they showed their generosity in many ways.

For the 13th year, Rosarian students donated toys to children in the local community who might not otherwise have received Christmas gifts. The seventh-grade class led the school-wide effort to collect the unwrapped toys. After collecting the toys for two-and-a-half weeks, the students on December 16 filled a Palm Beach County Health Department truck with 500 unwrapped toys. The Palm Beach Health Department distributes the toys to children in Palm Beach County who are currently benefiting from their services.

The Rosarian Academy Show Choir – made up of second- through fourth-grade students – spent December sharing the joy of Christmas with others. Led by Mrs. Gay Dedo and Mrs. Francesca Finck, the students performed for groups throughout the Palm Beach area. The choir members were shining examples of dedication and enthusiasm as they shared the beauty and wonder of the Christmas season through the gifts of voice and song.

The Children’s House – made up of children ages 3 to 5 – celebrated the Christmas season with a medley of songs for parents and friends who gathered in the school’s theater. The performance was produced and directed by Myngoe Brashears, music teacher, and Children’s House assistants Vero Matias and Kimberly St. John.

In celebration of the birth of Jesus, children in the Lower School – kindergarten through fourth grade – performed in the annual Christmas pageant. The kindergarten students dressed as Nativity characters, while the fourth-grade students offered the narration. For the second year in a row, the pageant featured a live baby Jesus, Catarina Coniglio, who was carried across the stage by her aunt, Francesca Coniglio Finck, the middle school religion teacher playing Mary, and by her big brother, Nicholas Coniglio, a first-grader portraying Joseph.

The pageant – produced and directed by Gay Dedo, with choreography by Jeanne Bennet and lights and sound by Robert Sherman – was a joyous and beautiful portrayal of why we celebrate Christmas.

Feature photo (above): The Rosarian Academy Show Choir performs at the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts.


LEFT: The Lower School Christmas Pageant. RIGHT: Children’s House students celebrate the Christmas season with a performance in the Rosarian theater.



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