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New Video Series Explores the Lives of Sisters in Residence

October 30, 2015, Adrian, Michigan – Thanks to an initiative undertaken by Sister Jodie Screes, the Adrian Dominican Sisters began a weekly series of videotaped interviews with Sisters in residence at the Dominican Life Center. Titled, “Our Dominican Lives: A Sister’s Story,” the series launched with interviews of Sister Mary Arnold Benedetto and Sister Rosemary Conlon. The interviews capture the richness and diversity of Dominican lives.

Full-length interviews (approximately 30 minutes each) are available for viewing on the Adrian Dominican Sisters’ YouTube channel under the title “Our Dominican Lives: A Sister’s Story.”

Catholic Sisters Urge Congress to ‘Risk Peace’ and Support Iran Nuclear Deal

September 2, 2015, Adrian, Michigan – Adrian Dominican Sisters were among more than 4,100 U.S. Catholic Sisters – including 300 from Michigan – to sign a letter encouraging Senators and Representatives to support the Iran Nuclear Deal when they return to Washington for business after Labor Day.

“While imperfect, the deal provides an extraordinary opportunity to risk peace in a region that continues to witness the ravaging effects of violence and war as a modus operandi for addressing conflict,” the letter states.

In the letter, the Sisters note that critics of the deal “have failed to proffer the details of an alternative approach that stands as a chance of winning the support of China, France, Germany, Russia, and the United Kingdom… as well as of Iran and the United Nations Security Council.” They point out that while there are risks inherent in the pending agreement, there are also risks in maintaining the status quo.

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