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Learn About World Religions at Weber Center

October 2, 2017, Adrian, Michigan – Are you intrigued about the faith traditions of people throughout the world? An educational series offered at Weber Center, Introduction to World Religions, provides insights on the deities, historical development, sacred writings, beliefs, practices, rituals, and value systems of three world religions. The series will be presented from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Wednesdays by Sister Susan Van Baalen, OP.

The schedule for the Introduction to World Religions series is as follows: Confucianism/Judaism, October 18; Judaism/Islam, October 25; Islam, November 1.

Sister Susan developed her interest in world religions through her efforts to create and implement policies and procedures to accommodate the religious beliefs of more than 10,000 prisoners in the United States. She holds graduate theology degrees from the Jesuit School of Theology in Chicago and Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

In these sessions, Sister Susan will make use of presentations, discussion, and an occasional supplemental video to offer an in-depth view of these world religions. Christianity will not be addressed specifically, under the assumption that most people in this area of the United States already have some understanding of this faith tradition.

The cost per session is $25, including lunch. A $10 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of registration. Registration can be taken over the phone at 517-266-4000 or online.

Sister Rose Celeste O'Connell, OP Shares her Story

September 26, 2017, Adrian, Michigan – Sister Rose Celeste O’Connell, OP, has always been seen as a competent, hard-working Sister, from her years as a high school principal to more than 25 years as Secretary of the Adrian Dominican Congregation and, currently, as Director of the Office of Information for the Congregation. For years, she wore the dual hats of Secretary of the Congregation and Director of Information – a daunting load for most people.

But, before 1982, Sister Rose Celeste carried an added burden – unknown to most people – of addiction to alcohol. Since taking her last drink in 1982 and entering into recovery, she has trained to serve as a chaplain for people facing addictions, and currently leads an annual Serenity Retreat for Women at Weber Retreat Center in Adrian. Read Sister Rose Celeste’s story, as told in The National Catholic Reporter’s Global Sisters Report by Elizabeth Eisenstadt Evans. A related article tells of the addictions and other mental illness problems that women religious have faced and the recovery and treatment programs available to women religious and clergy. 




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