2018 Jubilarians

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Text of reflection given by Sister Patty Harvat, OP


2018 Jubilarians

Former Religious Names in Parentheses

Double Diamond - 70 Years of Religious Life

Sister John Norton Barrett
Sister Nora Brady (Marie Phelim)
Sister Marie Geraldine Brownell
Sister Barbara J. Carroll (James Denise)
Sister Therese DeCanio (Thomas Frances)
Sister Patricia DeMay (Mary Cuthbert)
Sister Celestine Dunne (Celestine Marie)
Sister Helen Hankerd (Mary Ingrid)
Sister Marion O'Connor (Ellen Michael)
Sister Virginia Pearson (Mary Jordan)
Sister Alice Riegel (Mary Carol)
Sister Dorothy Rudolph (Joan Annette)
Sister Theresia Scheuer 
Sister Mary Schmagner (John Elizabeth)
Sister Theresa Sinnamon (Josette Marie)
Sister Dorothy Thielk (David Ann)
Sister Margaret Urban (Michael Elizabeth)
Sister Dorothy Worthy (Lyle Joseph)


Diamond - 60 Years of Religious Life

Sister Marilyn Felice Barnett (Margaret Felice)
Sister Sharon Beckmann (Therese Michelle)
Sister Carol Bollin (Mary Angelica)
Sister Kathleen Clausen (Denis Ellen)
Sister Charlene Cote (Mary Leonette)
Sister Rita Eileen Dean
Sister Elizabeth Ann Demirgian (Marie Berge)
Sister Mary Katherine Dolan (Sean Marie)
Sister Patricia Ann Dulka (Mary Corita)
Sister Margaret Augustine Exworthy 
Sister Maureen Fenlon (Shaun Paul)
Sister Iva Gregory (Mary Milford)
Sister Joan Hinz (Joan Theodore)
Sister Veronica Kelley (Anne Veronica)
Sister Attracta Kelly
Sister Mary Miday 
Sister Judith Ann Nelson
Sister Maria Odelia Romero (Maria Perpetua)
Sister Annette Marie Sinagra (Mary Grace)
Sister Beverly Stark (George Therese)
Sister Patricia Stellmah (Joseph Virginia)
Sister Charlotte Anne Swift (Michael William)
Sister Mary Anne Yanz (Anita Therese) 


Golden - 50 Years of Religious Life

Sister Maureen Comer 
Sister Leonor Esnard 
Sister Patricia Harvat 
Sister Maribeth Howell 
Sister Carol Jean Kesterke 
Sister Mary Priniski*
Sister Noreen Sharp 
Sister Sharon Kay Spanbauer 

* 2019 Golden Jubilarian, celebrating with 2018 crowd


Silver - 25 Years of Religious Life

Sister Nery Sori


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2018 Deceased Jubilarians

Let us remember the deceased 2018 Jubilarians who are watching over in constant prayer as they mark their jubilees with the Communion of Saints.

View the Listing of Deceased Jubilarians for 2018 (PDF)