Action Alert

The Adrian Dominican Sisters have long been engaged, individually and communally, in efforts to protect the integrity of creation and bring about a more just, peaceful and compassionate world. The Office of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation coordinates these efforts by bringing to light injustices and recommending ways to take action.

Action Alert



Take Action: Call Your Senators and Representatives in the House at (202) 224-3121

Sample Script:

I am __________ living in ___________. As a person of faith and one who believes in the dignity of all life, I urge you to investigate horrific conditions at child detention sites. Please demand transparency and accountability for the inhumane child detention. Demand that children with family and/or sponsors in this country be released immediately into their custody. 

Dream Act

On the last of day of the Supreme Court Session, the justices agreed to take up the case of the “Dreamers”, the 800,000 young women and men who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children. Former President, Barack Obama, through an executive order, created the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The Trump Administration challenged the constitutionality of this program but a Federal injunction has been enforced, protecting, at least temporarily, the status of the “Dreamers.”  

The House has passed the Dream Act and Promise Act of 2019 that would provide permanent legal protection and a pathway to citizenship for qualifying Dreamers and would also provide permanent legal protection and a pathway to citizenship to qualifying Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) holders. This bill is now languishing in the Senate. Read more




IHM Monthly Mobilization to Prevent Gun Violence: Action Needed in the Senate!

Gun violence research may finally get the federal funding it deserves. You helped accomplish this with your messages to your representatives last month. Thank you!

In June, the United States House passed a spending bill that allocates $50 million to study both the causes of gun violence and solutions to help prevent it. This spending bill now goes to the Senate.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) researched gun violence in the 1980s and ’90s, but the Dickey Amendment, first introduced in 1996 and supported by the gun lobby, started prohibiting any activities that “may be used to advocate or promote gun control.” This language has been an effective ban on gun violence research. Last year, Congress clarified that the CDC and National Institutes of Health (NIH) can research gun violence. Yet without funding dedicated to this research, this clarification does little. The House has now allocated $50 million in the budget for gun safety, firearm injury, and mortality prevention research.

Click here to send a message to your senators urging them to include gun safety research in the budget.

Once you have acted, please email or call 734-240-9691 to let us know so that we can tally this month’s efforts. Then, share this announcement with your family and friends and invite them to join you in action.

Did you know? On June 23, CBS’ 60 Minutes featured a segment about the popularity of AR-15 rifles in mass shootings and why the high-velocity rounds used in the gun make it so deadly. Click here to watch.

Tell Senators: Expand Background Checks!

Gun violence in America is a public health crisis. Every day, 100 people in the U.S. are shot and killed. More than 35,000 people in America die by guns every year. 

97% of Americans support expanded background checks. So why can’t our legislators do what their constituents now overwhelming want for themselves and this country? All the evidence reinforces the fact that lives would be saved by having expanded background checks. Read more

It's urgent that our senators pass lifesaving legislation to expand background checks, a common-sense measure to prevent gun violence. Please call your Senators at (202) 224-3121 and urge him/her to support S. 42, the Background Expansion Act. 

The Gun Industry Must Be Held Accountable!

Did you know that the gun industry is protected from responsibility for business practices that directly threaten public safety and put American lives at risk? Do you know of any other industry that has these kind of protections?

It is past time to repeal the gun industry’s immunity and hold them accountable by manufacturing smarter, safer firearms. Read more


Plastic Free July

Join ReThink Disposable in making a global impact by choosing to refuse single use plastic this month. By making small changes to your everyday habits, you can make a huge difference. Learn ten simple actions to take from ReThink Disposable.

Everyone can participate in this eco-challenge. Learn more


Climate Change Index

The Climate Change Index is a resource for "fast facts" about climate change, its causes and impact, and climate solutions. The facts are aggregated from publicly available sources such as news articles and government websites. Click here to access this excellent resource.


Citizens Climate Lobby

Citizens Climate Lobby is a non-profit, nonpartisan, grassroots advocacy organization focused on national policies to address climate change. By building upon shared values rather than partisan divides, and empowering our supporters to work in keeping with the concerns of their local communities, CCL work towards the adoption of fair, effective, and sustainable climate change solutions.

Citizens Climate Lobby Meetings - Adrian, Michigan Chapter




In June, the U.S. Department of State issued the 2019 Report on Trafficking in Persons. This report has been issued annually for the past 19 years. Each year the authors of the report identify “heroes,” those who have been working tirelessly to end human trafficking in their countries. This year, Sister Gabriella Bottani, representing Talitha Kum, has been recognized. Watch the video of Sister receiving her award.

Read the July Stop Human Trafficking Newsletter.



In July of 2017 the UN adopted the Treaty on the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. 122 nations – comprising almost two-thirds of the total UN membership – voted in favor of adoption of the treaty on 7 July 2017 (only the Netherlands voted against the adoption and only Singapore abstained from voting). 70 countries have signed and ratified the treaty. 

Has this treaty made the world safer? The Doomsday clock is still at two minutes to midnight. The United States has abandoned the Iran Nuclear Agreement and announced it would withdraw from the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF). These actions create serious movement towards the dismantlement of the global arms control process. In addition, the world’s nuclear nations are proceeding with programs to modernize their nuclear arsenals, which is really a new arms race while the military doctrines of Russia and the United States have increasingly eroded the long-held taboo against the use of nuclear weapons.

All of this suggests how important it is to have all countries in the UN ratify the Treaty on the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (TPNM). Here’s what you can do to support the TPNW.



The fifth 100 Days of Prayer series will run from May 12 - August 19, 2019. 

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100 Days of Prayer is designed by the Sister of St. Joseph of Orange.