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Admissions Time Line

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Initial FormationCandidacyNovitiateProfession of Vows

Initial Formation

Initial formation is the time during which a potential member continues discernment of her call to Dominican life.

It is designed to prepare women for the choice of a vowed life commitment to the mission of Jesus in the Dominican tradition.

The Prioress of the congregation with the deliberate vote of the General Council admits a woman to each stage of initial formation.


The period of candidacy introduces a woman to the life in mission of the congregation. Candidacy is the first year of initial formation. This time is spent in Adrian and or in another place deemed suitable by the formation personnel

In this period a woman experiences living and working with Adrian Dominican Sisters, study and reflection on the identity and history of the Congregation, regular dialogue with the formation director.


The novitiate period prepares a woman for full participation in Adrian Dominican life in mission through membership. The novitiate is a two-year period. During one of these years the novices engage in formal theological study and supervised ministerial experience. The other year of novitiate, considered the canonical year, is primarily centered on the development of person, contemplative prayer and preparation for vowed commitment as an Adrian Dominican

In the novitiate period a woman engaged in study of Scripture, theology and spirituality, history of the Church, the Dominican order and the Congregation and mission in the contemporary world, community life with Adrian Dominican Sisters, development of person, contemplative prayer, the liturgical life of the Church, and regular dialogue with the formation director to verify her call and to make a decision about commitment.

Upon completion of the initial formation period, which includes at least one year of canonical novitiate, retreat and mutual discernment on the part of the Congregation and the woman, she makes a written request for membership in the Congregation through a letter in which she states also her beliefs about religious life and commitment. After  mutual discernment by the Congregation and the potential member, she may request membership.

Profession of Vows

The Congregation, through the Prioress, receives the new member in mutual commitment. By profession, a woman shares fully the life in mission of the Adrian Dominican Sisters and assumes the rights and responsibilities of the Congregation.

After a time of temporary commitment, during which the mutual discernment continues, a member may request the profession of final vows.