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We humans are funny creatures. We like our messages, especially those that come from the Holy Spirit, to be clear, directive, and loud enough so they won’t be mistaken for something else! That way we can be sure we’re following our life’s purpose.

I believe this is an issue of trust in our discernment, once we’ve opened our hearts to the workings of the Spirit and are considering how best to follow the path in our everyday lives. The desire for God can be experienced in prayer certainly, but also in the people who are really close to us. Those friends, family and colleagues who have spent time with us and who know us well can often see in us what we don’t notice – or haven’t named – in ourselves.

The whispers and nudges within can lead us closer to what God is calling us to do with our lives. Assuming we are open to look further, a spiritual director can help immensely because they are trained in the art of listening deeply to how the Spirit is communicating with us. She or he may suggest ways we also can listen more deeply and discern until we have clarity for our next step.

May your eyes be opened as were the two disciples who met Jesus on the road to Emmaus. At one point those two people realized their “hearts were burning” (with joy and realization) within them.

May you experience such joy as you discern and discover,
Sister Tarianne

These videos may help: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuoxvsAgi-byOhboYP9fFoh3tcieUBcuu


Nosotros los humanos somos criaturas curiosas. Nos gusta que nuestros mensajes, especialmente aquellos que provienen del Espíritu Santo, sean claros, directas, y lo suficientemente ruidosos para que no se confundan con otra cosa! De esa manera podemos estar seguros de que estamos siguiendo el propósito de nuestra vida.

Creo que este es un tema de confianza en nuestro discernimiento, una vez que hemos abierto nuestros corazones al funcionamiento del Espíritu y estamos considerando la mejor manera de seguir el camino en nuestra vida cotidiana. El deseo de Dios ciertamente puede ser experimentado en la oración, pero también en las personas que están realmente cerca de nosotros. Esos amigos, familiares y colegas que han pasado tiempo con nosotros y que nos conocen bien muchas veces pueden ver en nosotros lo que no notamos - o no hemos nombrado - en nosotros mismos.

Los susurros y estimulaciones internos nos pueden acercar más a lo que Dios nos está pidiendo que hagamos con nuestras vidas. Asumiendo que estamos abiertos a seguir mirando, un director espiritual puede ayudar enormemente porque están entrenados en el arte de escuchar profundamente cómo el Espíritu se comunica con nosotros. Ella o él puede sugerir maneras en que también podemos escuchar y discernir más profundamente hasta que tengamos claridad para nuestro próximo paso.

Que tus ojos sean abiertos como lo fueron los dos discípulos que encontraron a Jesús en el camino a Emaús. En un momento esas dos personas se dieron cuenta de que sus "corazones se estaban quemando" (con alegría y realización) dentro de ellos.

Que experimentes tanta alegría al discernir y descubrir,
Hermana Tarianne

Estos videos podrán ayudar: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuoxvsAgi-byOhboYP9fFoh3tcieUBcuu

By Sister Patty Harvat, OP

Pentecost is a Jewish feast that comes 50 days after the celebration of Passover, the holiday season in which Jesus was crucified. On the feast of Pentecost, the disciples of Jesus were gathered together in a room sometimes known as the “upper room.”

Doors were locked for fear of the Jews, and hearts were locked in grief.

“There are some griefs so loud 
They could bring down the sky 
And there are griefs so still 
None knows how deep they lie...” - May Sarton

What are the emotions filling this room?

  • Fear is named (Jesus was crucified, what will happen to us?)
  • Bewilderment (What is this resurrection all about?)
  • Confusion (What kind of group is this – what did I get myself into?)
  • Amazement and excitement (What lies ahead?)

In the midst of this Jesus appears and says, “Peace be with you.”

What is this upper room? Your upper room?

  • Is it that uncertain feeling of having no idea what God is asking of you? 
  • Is it bewilderment of what is truth in a given situation?
  • Is it disappointment in yourself?
  • Is it coping with broken and hurt relationships among family and friends and not understanding how this happened?

Is our upper room being in solidarity with people who lost everything through fire, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, who say, “This is all we have known our whole life. What do we do now?” Or sitting quietly in front of the TV, watching the slow death of our Earth as climate change stills the heartbeat of Mother Earth’s life?

Think about your upper room, whatever is going on … it impacts me … because we are community … we are together in that locked room. 

And it’s in that locked room that Jesus appears and says, “Peace,” breathes on us, and says, “Receive the Holy Spirit.”

The Holy Spirit comes to us in a small flame. Whatever gift we receive is what we need to take with us as we leave our upper room. What gift of the Spirit, what Pentecost Fire, did you pray for?

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